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Mars and Sun by DraxxusK Mars and Sun :icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 0 0
Mature content
A story from when I was in School. :icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 0 0
Darkness surrounds me
Engulfing how I feel
Taking me into a place
Where I rather not be,
A place where my dark
Intentions are hidden from sight
Bottled up from all
Building and building until
At last explosive outbursts
With regrets of what is said
Or being done
Darkness surrounds me
Engulfing friends and family
Taking them into the abyss
Which was once my heart
Only to find an emptiness
Which they help cause
Darkness surrounds me
Taking control of what
Used to be kindness
Wanting and urging me
To do something wrong
Darkness surrounds me
Draxxus '99
:icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 0 1
Red Lily
Red Lily
A need to ask, with a chance of hope
A need to know, with slight fear
Questions of chance quite clear
Where does the Red Lily grow?
Walking on the lonely path,
wondering which way we'll go.
Asking, seeking, finding,
Where the Red Lily grows.
Off the beaten path, for on a hill
in the middle of Nil,
oh, a beautiful sight, a wonderful delight,
the red lily with brilliant light.
Now I know, where to go
no need to ask, the questions of chance
where the red lily grows,
only i know and never show
To catch the beautiful sight, and such a delight,
of those flowers with brilliant light.
For on a hill in Nil is where
the lily's grow still.
Draxxus '98
:icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 1 0
Photo of a Lily by DraxxusK Photo of a Lily :icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 1 0 Early Banner by DraxxusK Early Banner :icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 0 0
Beautiful, intelligent and graceful
A wonder to my eye, to the world
For she is my light and I hers
She is beauty and glad she's mine
Others look jealously at what we have
And wonder if they have angels to
For she has everything I want in a woman
But different too
She can charm you and woo you
Or leave you heartbroken and a mess
But your feelings never change
Beautiful, intelligent and graceful
Draxxus '00
:icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 0 0
Feeling blue and about to unglue
Explode and confront
Stressing on little things,
Wondering why
Feelings compressed, and feel
Pressure coming down
Around me and wondering
What I did to deserve these
Torturing feelings of insecurity,
Uneasiness, and sometimes dislike
Of thy self, for no other reason than
To blame someone for how I feel.
For the truth is that I hurt inside, and
Use excuses to deal with it.
Leading to a feeling of disgust for thy self
For I am not whole without her and feel
Empty when she isn't near
Now they return
Feeling blue and about to unglue
Draxxus '00
:icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 0 0
Lost Chance
Lost Chance
Admire from a distance.
Always look never ask.
Last chance at a glance.
Too late never know,
Scarred by past,
A need to win, but lose
In this field of love,
Needing companionship, but
End up lonely, heart broken
Many times, afraid to ask
Lost chance, one last glance
Draxxus '98
:icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 0 0
My Angel
Alone in the unknown to face the night,
Tears and crying I do for her.
A lost love with a heavenly face
Always true to the heart
The purity, innocence without a thought,
From a distance admiring without a word
To say except "I love you"
Draxxus '98
:icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 0 0
MY Princess
My Princess
I love you; I love you with all my heart
You are the angel that sings sweet songs of romance and has stolen my heart from me
You are the woman that has incredible beauty
And can make me melt your arms with only a word
You are my princess, and I am you knight in shinning armor waiting to take you away
You are mine and will always be
For thou has stolen my heart and made me whole.
Her love is the beacon of light I have waited for all my life.
She is my princess; for true love has no bounds
and my heart only belongs to the one that has taken it and cherished it as her own.
I love you, I love you with all my heart for you are my inspiration, and you can do no wrong.
With true love there is no wrong only right.
We make mistakes and cause harm, but true lovers always comeback with hope and inspirations.
For I love you with all my heart until my dying day.
I love you; I love you my princess.
:icondraxxusk:DraxxusK 0 2


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